Lifestyle Services

Home Decluttering & Organising

Do you have areas in your home that are disorganised and don't know where to start? Are you working so hard you don't have time to organise yourself? We love to help you organise your house and help you put systems in place to make your life a bit easier. Hire us to tackle just one room or your whole house.

Moving Home

Are you downsizing or just looking to tackle all of that clutter before moving to a new home. We are passionate about creating beautiful homes for our clients. Contact us to help you go through your things before you make the move or to help you set up your lovely new home.

Wardrobe Decluttering & Organisting

Can you find outfits easy to put together each morning? Are you struggling for space in your current wardrobe or are you looking for a seasonal refresh? Do you long for an wardrobe that would look good on Instagram or Pinterest? Let us help you start creating a beautiful wardrobe.

Digital & Paper Decluttering & Organising

Are you swamped in physical or digital clutter? We are experts in creating organisation in all areas of the home and you will feel all the better for it. Hire us to help you set up a systems for managing all that digital and paper clutter and save time for yourself.

Home Styling

If you would like to create a home that feels calm and beautiful then we can also help with home styling. Contact us to start a 1-1 consultation

Wardrobe Styling

Do you have a wardrobe that you love and that brings you joy? Do you seem to have loads of clothes but nothing to wear every morning? Let us take you through our step by step journey of creating a wardrobe that works for you. First we discuss your lifestyle to identify what your wardrobe goals are. Then we take you through our process of developing your personal style and identify items in your wardrobe that fit your style goals and develop a plan to close any gaps so you have a wardrobe that works for you all the time.

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How much do your services cost ?

All our services are established at competitive prices. We have set up specific packages on our terms and conditions page but if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for please reach out to contact us and we will see if there is something we can do. We do offer discounts for full upfront payment at the time of booking.

can you provide TESTIMONIALS?

Yes we can provide testimonials and we also have before and after photos that we can share with you. We don’t list these on the internet as these are of our client homes and we always ask our clients if they are happy to share their journeys with new clients.

how does your service work?

We start the process with an initial consultation to talk through your specific project and the goals you are looking to achieve. We then develop a plan and carry that out together. You can find our specific terms and conditions on our website although we will always talk you through this ahead of making any commitment. After completing our services we always look to follow up with you after 1 month and again after 3 months to see how you are getting on with the work we have done.

how much time do you need from me ?

We are happy for you to be involved as much or as little as you would like in the process. Although if you preference is for us to lead we will need some of your time but we have ways to reduce this commitment on you. We will cover this during our initial consultation so that expectations are clear for everyone upfront. 

I'm worried I won't be able to let go of things.

This is often the hardest part of the decluttering process and this is one of the benefits of having a professional work alongside you. You’ll find we are very non-judgemental and we will strive to get the right balance for you. 

Do you provide additional services than those listed above?

Yes, at times additional services are requested e.g. we have provided some virtual PA services and event organiser. We try to accommodate these requests. However we only take on jobs where we feel we can provide you an excellent service.

I love how my new kitchen functions so well and beautifully. Thanks to your team for a great job!
Home Owner